Virtual Reality Theme Park

"MuQiLing Virtual Reality Adventure Park" - a science, interaction theme park designed for teenagers, allowing kids to have exercise in playing, find pleasure in learning and inspire them into science by immersing into virtual reality. Together with our upstream and downstream partners, Surealprovides outstanding overall solutionsto our clients.

Virtual Reality Educational Platform

"Biochemical Education Platform" - a biochemical teaching &researching platform, which shatters spatial limitations in traditional biochemistry teaching& researching practice, allowing teachers, students and researchers to have a 360°panoramic observation on biochemical models and realizing model scaling, moving and other operations at any angle with an interactive device. Currently, VR Biochemical Education Platform has realized teaching and operating module integration, includingmodels of human systems, models of protein molecules.

Virtual Tourism

With one virtual reality headset, you can experience the beautiful scenery thousands of miles away without setting foot outside your house, or trekking for days to visit scenic spots and historical sites. Stepping into museums, virtual reality will revitalize the dust ladencultural relics for you to actually experience the "Night at the Museum".

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Unreal Engine 4 Engineer
If you are passionate for game industry, believe the future of virtual reality, have experience in UE4 developing, want to start the first wave of virtual reality gaming and willing to work with a group of passionate, devoting virtual reality enthusiasts, join us!
3D Graphics Designer
If you feel limited by mobile gaming that you cannotassert your superior experience in graphics. The techniques has become your second nature, but youcannot find out a breakthrough. Well, virtual reality may help you figure out the problems. Sureal can take you into a new world where you can thrive on your talents. Come and join us!
Game Designer
If you are open-minded, responsive to game market, and you have boundless curiosity about virtual reality, willing to apply your game design experience in virtual reality industry and work with Sureal to open up a new world of gameplay, please join us!
If you are no UE4 master, nor are you a 3D artist, let alone understand what game design is, yet you are passionate about games and virtual reality, you are welcomed, even if you just want to talk with us about games. You can scan the QR code, follow us on Wechat for news and updates or just contact us!

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